It's so nice to meet an old friend, and pass the time of day.
And talk about the home town, a million miles away."

Gordon Light

A past that's sprinkled with the blues a few old dreams that I can't use
Who'll buy my mem'ries of things that used to be
There were the smiles before the tears and with the smiles some better years
Who'll buy my mem'ries of things that ud to be
When I remember how things were my memories all leave with her
I'd like to start my life anew but memories just
make me blue
A cottage small just built for two a garden wall with
violets blue
Who'll buy my mem'ries of things that used to be
When I remember how things were..


Nelson, Willie




Prom, Homecoming & Senior Class Play

Pictures above Courtesy of Betty 'Vickers' Singleton


If You Haven't Done So Already,
It's Not Too Late.....


We Had About 130 in Total Attendance For Our Reunion in 2009...
Hoping We Will Have The Same Amount of Enthusiasm At Our 2014 Reunion...

July 12, 2014
45th Reunion
~ Barn-n-Bunk, Trenton Ohio ~

"Share Old Memories / Make New Ones"



Teen Years ~ Sadly, I think we may have sometimes resembled this....


Welcome to the Trenton Ohio - Class of 1969 Website
We started this class website to give our classmates a place to research and find contact information, renew old friendships and plan for reunions. The site has been a huge success and has expanded every year since we started in 2008. 

We will be updating and redesigning this site throughout 2013 in preparation for our 45th reunion in 2014, so be sure to enjoy, visit often, and stay connected. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions.


Where Are Our Classmates?
"Based on Data Collection for 2009 Reunion"

The Class of 69 has Spread Out to 15 States

40th Reunion - 2009
Picture Below Courtesy Of:

Betty Burgess (Phelps)

"Classmates Who Attended"

Saturday, 17 October 2009
Barn-n-Bunk, Trenton Ohio



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